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    A Doom loyalist and citizen of Latveria who convinced Dr. Doom to return as leader of Latveria. In recognition of her loyalty, she was made the Herald of Doom. She is also Dr. Doom's ex-fiancee.

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    Born to Isonela Novotny and an unknown father who were Symkarian spies that had infiltrated Latveria, Zora grew up under the impression that she was a Latverian.

    When she grew older, she lead a rebel force against Latveria's current President, who was a tyrant. She had heard rumors that Doctor Doom had returned to Latveria and when she went to investigate, found those rumors to be true. She convinced him to claim the throne again and, to show his gratitude, Doom infused her with a portion of the Power Cosmic, and she became Latveria's champion.


    Fantastic Four

    Doom intended to use Zora's powers to lure Galactus and it worked. The Fantastic Four arrived because of Galactus and Zora fought them before they agreed to work with Doom. Doom and Zora then fought Galactus, and Zora was able to subdue him.

    Zora then learned that Doom intended to kill the Fantastic Four but the team got away, causing Zora to track them down. However, she was captured by them because Thing destroyed the control rod that stabilized her powers. Mister Fantastic then used her to free Galactus, but in doing so he changed her energy signature and caused it to no longer be in risk of her power overloading, so she didn't need her control rod/staff anymore.

    Keeping Guard

    When Cormorant was looking for something on Earth and began raiding lockboxes, Zora was tasked with helping to guard a lockbox in New York's Latverian's Embassy. Even though Cormorant managed to steal from it, Zora and Doom worked with the Fantastic Four to prevent Cormorant from accessing/stealing from the lockbox under the Baxter Building.

    As an Ambassador of Latveria

    After the fight against Cormorant, Doom promoted Zora to be an Ambassador of Latveria. She oversaw an exhibition in New York where some Latervian artifacts were being displayed. When it was attacked by U.L.T.I.M.A.T.I.U.M, Zora worked with the Fantastic Four to stop it. However, due to the damage to other artifacts, Zora was kicked out of New York.

    Human Torch tried to console her and that ended up to them sparking a romance. However, when Doom was preparing to leave Earth, he proposed to Zora for politics so Latveria could have a queen in his absence. Zora did her best to keep her and Johnny a secret but revealed the truth on her and Doom's wedding day. They did not end up getting married and Doom got very angry. He declared that he no longer wanted to see her face and had a faceplate in her armor. Even though the Fantastic Four offered her a place with them, she declined.


    Scarlet Witch arrived in Latveria when she discovered that Doom had opened up and wanted to control The Darkhold. At first, Zora confronted her, but when Doom and Wanda began to work together to form a way to stop Chthon, she stopped. When Doom preformed a spell that would give them a new team that had the ability to defeat Chthon - Iron Man, Wasp, Blade, Black Bolt, and Spider-Man - and travelled to the Other-Realm, Zora transported them to Latveria.

    After Wanda explained the situation to the team and they read from the Darkhold, Wanda concluded that they must've read too far because they were possessed and became evil. Wanda then ordered Zora to stay behind her when they faced the team.

    Personal Information


    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Brown


    • Known Relatives: Ionela Novotny (mother, deceased), Doctor Doom (ex-fiancee)
    • Residence: Latveria
    • Occupations: Ambassador, guard
    • Marital Status: Single

    Powers and Abilities

    Since she was infused with the Power Cosmic, Zora is able to fly, have superhuman strength, and manipulate energy. Later on, in The Darkhold Alpha #1, she demonstrated the ability to have Cosmic Awareness and cast a spell to summon some heroes. Zora is also a skilled fighter in armed and unarmed combat and has good leadership skills.

    Zora used to have a weakness to her power overloading but that has since been removed, causing her to be invulnerable.


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