Character » Victoria appears in 15 issues.

    Leader of the Daughters of the Amazon, a group of patriarchy-hating extremists who want to kill Yorick Brown.

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    Written by Brian K. Vaughan and drawn by Pia Guerra.

    Major Story Arcs

    When a man (Yorick Brown) is reported to be alive, Victoria wastes no time in assembling a group to pursue him and kill him. Victoria enlists Hero Brown to lead the group to Boston while preaching to the gang about the importance of eradicating all traces of men.

    The group finds a girl near Boston that has one of the gang's motorcycles. Victoria grows tired of the girl and orders Hero to kill her. Hero is reluctant and Victoria gives her options: Kill the girl or kill herself. Hero kills the girl but Victoria notices a negative affect on Hero. Victoria slowly wins Hero over to the cause by taking her under her wing, even giving her extra rations. Hero begins to love Victoria.

    In Boston, Victoria gathers information and learns their target boarded a train. The gang heads to the train yard and find a woman riding yet another one of their motorcycles. This woman verifies rumors Victoria hears and she tells her gang to fan out and interrogate everyone in the train yard to find out any more information. Victoria learns that a man was sighted but kicked off a train on accident in Ohio. She leads the Daughters of the Amazon to Ohio.

    In Marrisville, Hero confirms that the man they seek is her brother. Victoria lashes out at Hero for being sentimental over a foul man. She sends Hero into the town to fetch Yorick armed with the threat that Victoria will see the town burned if the man isn't forfeited. Yorick eventually surrenders himself and kneels before Victoria. She puts a gun to his head. Before she can pull the trigger, however, a town girl named Sonia plants an ax in Victoria's head, killing her.


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