Victoria Montesi

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    Victoria Montesi is a young woman whom is the last in line of a family of defenders against an ancient evil. She gets visions whenever a page of the evil Darkhold book is invoked. She and her team try to stop the gathering of the Darkhold book.

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    When Vittorio Montesi, who was sterile, needed a son to carry on his legacy of guarding the Darkhold he used a page from the Book of Sins to impregnate his wife, but rather then the son he wished for he had a baby girl. Victoria Montesi never was good enough for her family especially when she move to Rome to be a doctor and live with her girlfriend (a "life of sin" as her father called it).


    Victoria Montesi was created by Christian Cooper and Richard was Darkhold: Pages from the Sins issue 1 (1992).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Darkhold Redeemers

    After an explosion at her apartment which crippled her girlfriend, she ended up as a target for the Darkholders. She would soon get her own body guard, Interpol agent named Sam Buchanan, and later meet up with old family friend Dr. Louise Hasting. Together, during an encounter with Ghost Rider against Lilith and her Lilin and an errant Darkhold page delivered by a dwarf, they would form the Darkhold Redeemers and join Ghost Rider and the rest of the Midnight Sons in their final battle with Lilith in the Arctic. She searched with the Redeemers for all the lost pages of the Darkhold which were mysteriously popping up. It was during these searches that she ran across the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness and first learned of the Malachi Prophesy. "Child born of no man and a woman marked by sin. Daughter becomes mother and the dark return will begin."

    Possesion of a Darkhold Page

    At one point she even came in possession of a Darkhold page for healing and invoked it at a terrible price. For each life she saved, a vicious monster also killed someone else in exchange and it followed the path of each letter the Redeemers had found. When Vicky tried to heal her quadriplegic and comatose lover, Nash. However Nash spirit refused the help she offered at the expense of others and Victoria came to her senses and (with Nash's spirit's help) rejected the gift the page had given her. During the Midnight Massacre, everyone was stunned when Demogorge, a being which only kills supernatural beings and takes their power, struck her down to get to Modred the Mystic. Those slain in this confrontation would be brought back to life thanks to the sacrifice of Victoria's friend, Louise Hastings. Modred himself would later become an unwilling part of Victoria's battle against evil. Months later she would join with Midnight Sons again during the Siege of Darkness against Lilith and a resurrected Zarathos.

    Doctor Strange and Chton

    It was during the Siege of Darkness that Victoria discovered from her father the truth behind her birth and realized that the Malachi Prophesy was about her and that she was pregnant with Chthon. Dr. Strange put her in a slowed state to retard the progress of the pregnancy until he was able to properly deal with the situation. After Chthon's rebirth was prevented, Victoria was taken away by the Midwife and its unclear what happened to her.


    Can sense when a Darkhold page is being used, originally thought it was because of her Montesi heritage but in fact it was because she was the spawn of Chthon. She also is trained in medical care, skilled with weapons, and is intelligent. When she was possessed by a Darkhold page, she had the ability to heal those from pain and even death.


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