Victoria Creed

    Character » Victoria Creed appears in 20 issues.

    Mother of Sabretooth, who was killed by the Red Hand.

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    Sabretooth's mother. Her husband kept young Victor chained up in the cellar after his mutant gene kicked in. Zabidiah routinely went down to pull out Victor's teeth & claws, only for them to grow back due to his healing factor.

    While his father was not shown to want or love him, Victoria was the opposite. She was afraid of her husband, and as such couldn't really help Victor. But she would go down and spend time with him, shown at one point wiping the blood from his mouth after his father's torture.

    Sabretooth was thought to have killed both of his parents when he got free, but actually he only killed his father. He took care of his mother financially and put her in the country's best nursing home when she got cancer. He visited every 2 weeks, bringing expensive gifts, and spending his time doting on her.

    She's one of the very few people Victor has shown to genuinely love & support, which made her a prime target of a Red Hand member whose husband Victor killed some time in the past. She was reluctant to kill Victoria, but encouraged to do so as a way of having Victor experience the same loss & pain she had.


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