Victoria Bentley

    Character » Victoria Bentley appears in 51 issues.

    Victoria Bentley is a magic practitioner and was once romantically linked to Doctor Strange.

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    Victoria Bentley was the daughter of a wealthy professor and an unknown mother. Her father was also secretly a magician and was impersonated by Baron Mordo.

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    Doctor Strange arrived to investigate when "Bentley" called him suddenly. He confronted Mordo, who had laid a vapor trap. Strange was able to summon Victoria to help. Mordo noticed her potential and claimed Victoria would be a threat if she ever learned to use it. Strange defeated Mordo, and told Victoria to lead whatever life she deemed fit. He decided against taking her as an apprentice, as Mordo would certainly attack again.

    The alien Yandroth determined through calculations that she was the most suitable being on Earth to become his bride and abducted her. Doctor Strange was able to free her.

    Victoria also helped a young Psylocke learn to control her telepathy.

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    When Strange began using black magic, he used a spell to steal Victoria's magic potential. This was returned to her after the defeat of Shuma-Gorath.

    Victoria also befriended the Black Knight. His inherited castle neighbored her own land. She assisted Dane on many occasions, often maintaining the castle when he was busy on Avengers missions and while he and Sersi were in exile. She was killed, accidentally, by Bloodwraith while he fought Deadpool.


    Victoria possessed great magical power, although she seemed to be unaware of it herself. This power could be detected by others, especially magic users.

    It was claimed by Mordo that she would be a threat to him and others if she ever gained control of her powers.

    Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) was able to temporarily gain her power through the use of black magic. It is unknown if Baron Mordo or other sorcerers planned to do this as well.


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