Victor Stoker

    Character » Victor Stoker appears in 10 issues.

    Victor Stoker is a Badger and a Member of the Willows Gang that live in Willow Weir.

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    Victor Stoker was created by David Elliott for Titan Comics' A1: The Weirding Willows. He is based on Mr. Badger from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.


    Victor Stoker is happy to entertain as long as it is always around his house. Victor has many secrets that lies beneath his home. This leads the Willows Gang into many adventures.

    He prefers solace, finding that people tend to pry into his life and he would prefer if no one knew what he was up to in the labyrinth of tunnels that lay beneath his house and the old city they all lead to, especially as he isn't entirely sure himself. He likes to experiment far from the prying eyes of those that would not understand his thirst for knowledge.

    Victor has a good relationship with Russell Boiger, a devious weasel who somehow manages to lay his hands on books from the outside world. Books of human words and knowledge that Victor can never get enough of. Victor also strikes up a strange friendship with Morris Moore, something that upsets Terry James and jealousy was never one of his strong suits.

    Victor's father, Lewis Bellamy Stoker was mayor of the Weir and leader of the "Burrows Brigade" until the end of Worlds War 3. Lewis lost an arm and sight in one eye during a battle when the Queen of Hearts led an attack and was pushed back by the forces of Oz and the animals in the Weir. Knowing his sight in his good eye was fading Lewis walked out of the woods and was never seen again.


    • Age - 37
    • Height - 3' 6"
    • Father - Lewis Bellamy Stoker
    • Home - The Weir

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