Vicky Barnett

    Character » Vicky Barnett appears in 3 issues.

    Vicky Barnett is the assistant to Dr. Rasmus Palmroth and she brings a mystical trivet to his class when Stephen Strange is a special guest. Strange takes the trivet home when his disciple, Kyllian Kell is pulled into another dimension.

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    Vicky Barnett is the assistant to Doctor Rasmus Palmroth from Columbia University. Palmroth would invite his old friend, Stephen Strange to his class to identify several mystical artifacts and talismans brought in from his students. Barnett meets Strange's disciple named Kyllian Kell and tells him how intrigued she is about the supernatural. Barnett brings a trivet her parents purchased from an antique shop several years ago to the class and Strange notices that the lamp is active. Palmroth allows Strange to bring the trivet back home so the Sorcerer Supreme tells Wong and Kyllian to watch the trivet as he takes a trip to investigate a mystical disturbance. Barnett comes to Strange's home and tells Wong where she got the trivet. The trivet begins to glow, then a monstrous hand appears and pulls Kyllian into an unknown dimension. Barnett feels bad for what just happened but Strange would eventually find his disciple.


    Vicky Barnett was created by Geof Isherwood in 1993 and first appears in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme # 57.

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