Vicious Circle

    Team » Vicious Circle appears in 108 issues.

    The Vicious Circle is a crime cartel of evil super-freaks led by Overlord who operate out of Chicago. They have come at odds with The Savage Dragon, Malcolm Dragon, Superpatriot, Star, and Freak Force.

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    Image Comics

    Savage Dragon

    By the 1990s, Chicago was being over-populated by Super-Freaks. Mafia boss Antonio Seghetti employs Cyberface to build him a power-suit to form The Vicious Circle, a new breed of criminal cartel, by posing as a Super-Freak crime boss called Overlord. Under his rule, The Vicious Circle dominated the Chicago underworld that makes Al Capone's reign look like a fairy tale. They were able to defeat the Chicago Police Department numerous times, until Frank Darling employs The Savage Dragon.

    In Other Media

    Savage Dragon (1995)

    The Vicious Circle is seen in the Savage Dragon cartoon series as recurring adversaries.


    • Overlord
    • Cyberface
    • Mako
    • Brawn
    • Openface
    • Octopus
    • Skullface
    • Mindwarp
    • Doubleheader
    • Lowblow
    • Bludgeon
    • Cutthroat
    • Roughneck
    • Inferno
    • Dung

    Former Members:

    • Arachnid (kicked out)
    • Basher (depowered)
    • Volcanic (kicked out)

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