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    Vice is one of the Hakkesshu, and along with Mature, is a regular teammate of Iori Yagami in KoF. Her violent nature and surprising strength and grappling abilities make her a terrific opponent.

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    ...Vice is a woman whose entire character model is designed around two words. Cruel Woman.

    Her name means anything which is considered immoral.

    And that's pretty much what she's all about. Her main objective is to resurrect the deomn god Orochi so he can control the world.

    Vice Plotting
    Vice Plotting

    She first appeared in the game King of Figther 95. She entered the tournament with team Yagami and has mostly been in that team, each time she's entered the tournament. Whether or not she is on the Yagami team, she is always paired with "friend", Mature.

    Vice is a Hakkeshu, which is the KOF Universe word for the followers of Orochi

    Before she even joined the competition, she was the one who brainwashed Kyo Kusanagi's father, Saisyu, which caused him to go on a Blood hungry rage and attempt to kill his son.

    The only reason she entered the King of Fighters tournament, was to recruit fighters and spectators for Orochi servitude.

    She has been known to work with several other Orochi members: including Rugal Bernstein, Goenitz, Shermie, Chris, and Yashiro Nanakase.

    Vice and the other Hakkeshu. Mature, Yashiro, Chris, Shermie, and Goenitz

    When Rugal Bernstein died in KOF 95, Vice's superior Goenitz, ordered Vice and Mature to keep an eye on Iori Yagami. Iori realizing that they were spied, killed them. In subsequent titles, Vice and Mature haunt Iori until KOF 98 and 2002, where they manifest into the physical world as shadow spirits.

    Vice is set to appear in the latest installment, King of Fighters XIII

    Vice is in KOF XIII next to her companion Mature, they join together to retrieve the amulet Iori had stolen in the tournament last year for Ash. During Iori's team ending, they discover that Ash was actually trying to collect the three sacred treasures not for evil but to prevent the Orochi power into the hands of the land diatante. After defeating Ash, Iori, Mature, and Vice consulted on whether they would recover their purple flames, but on condition that the disturbance of the Orochi blood flowing through their veins would also be reinstated in his body. Iori, Mature, and Vice accepts that and disappear, saying that surely will meet again on a moonlit night. This shows that actually Mature and Vice were never alive, but that having broken the seal that imprisoned Orochi, they could re-enter into the realm of mortals like shadows, appearing in the dreams of Iori and taking the form of strong shadows to have a human appearance.


    While there are many examples of evil/psychotic characters in the King of Fighters Universe, Vice someone stands out as one of the more crazy and bloody thirsry of almost all the fighters. To specific, she is very violent, even among a tournament of fighters, and takes delight and pleasure of hurting and killing people. She goes crazy during a fight, and will only calm down after the final bloodshed. Her personality is a dichotomy though, she effortlessly switches from psychopath killer, to classy secretary, to somewhat flirtatious women and back again.

    She's also a comic book fanatic


    Vice has no friends, nor does she have any real loved ones. Though Vice and Mature help each other all the time, they aren't really friends. As far as anyone knows, they are only working together so they can serve Orochi. However, Vice has been known to show at least a small amount of concern for Mature and even Iori. She even put Mature and Iori's lives before those of Orochi, so maybe deep down she does love them.

    As mentioned above, Vice doesn't like anyone, as a matter of fact she actually hates most people. But one person she hates more than most is Saisyu Kusanagi. Their mutual hatred stems from the fact that, Vice brainwashed him into attacking his song Kyo. As a matter of a fact, when Vice meets Saisyu on the fighting grounds pits on the floor to see him and exclaims, "Anta mitetto kundago tatto hara." (I hate the mere sight of your face).

    Fighting Style

    Mature and Vice
    Mature and Vice

    Notably one of the more physical females in the series, having virutally no projectiles throughout the series. She is the one of the only female Grapplers in the series. And as a reult requires more techincal play than others. Her attacks are also extremely violent. Her super move in KOF 98 causes a geyser a blood to explode from her opponents body.



    Slashing Hands - Her hands can slash and pierce as if they were knives (As seen in KOF'96).

    Multiple Attacks - Vice can kick several times in high speed.

    Cutting Attacks - Vice can make her kicks be enveloped in a cutting aura. She combines this and the Multiple Attacks power.

    Snake Arms - Vice can stretch her arms in front of her within a long range and with high speed.

    Negative Energy - Vice can slam a foe out of pure hatred, producing a pillar of dim light with a large skull inside, this attribute sometimes manifests itself in a burst of deep crimson as well.

    Hooked Nails - Vice has purple, hooked, acrylic nails, most likely used to grab her opponent.

    Ignore Weight - Vice can grab and slam anyone bigger than her like Goro Daimon, Maxima, Mr. Big, Chang Koehan, or Raiden.

    Outrage - Vice performs a series of kicks, her feet turning into blades that have a reasonably large hitbox and decent recovery on block

    Ravenous - Vice performs a series of blade kicks in the air

    Overkill - Vice laughs and grabs her foe’s head and slams them to the

    ground. She then disappears. A serpent appears in the over her foe and then

    Vice reappears where the serpent is. She comes down, knee first, into them.

    Da Cide

    Gore Fest



    Misan's Rove

    Withering Surface

    Negative Gain

    King Of Fighters

    Bernice Liu As Vice
    Bernice Liu As Vice

    In the King Of Fighters movie, Vice is portrayed by Bernice Liu. In the film Vice is brainwashed by Rugal Bernstein and is not only the partner, but the girlfriend of Mature. Vice and Mature become Rugal's servants.

    Vice and Mature are summoned to the fight universe, where they are attacked by Rugal Bernstein. He defeats both of them easily, and then passionately kisses them to make them his slaves.

    Under Rugal's control, Vice is ordered to tell all of the fighters to disregard the danger they heard about the fighting universe and that it was safe to come back.

    Once the fighters return to the fighting universe, Vice and Mature are made to attack the fighters, and attempt to kill them. And is defeated and presumbaly killed by Mai Shiranui on the staircase scene,

    There are many noticeable differences.
    There are many noticeable differences.

    As with most characters in this movie, Vice was just loosely based on the game while most of her character was changed for the movie. The lesbian relationship with Mature is the most glaring example. Also is her position as a regular KOF fighter and not a servant of Orochi. In the film, Vice is a friend of Chizuru and the rest of the KOF fighters. Also her design is completely different going with an almost leather Goth look, instead of her usual dress.

    In the KOF universe, her ethnicity is unknown but in the movie she is played by Asian-American actress Bernice Liu.


    NAME: Vice

    MODE OF COMBAT: Power Attacks mainly

    BIRTHDAY: November 28,1984

    HEIGHT: (178)cm(5'10in)

    WEIGHT: 59kg(130lbs)

    BLOOD TYPE: Type A

    MEASUREMENTS: 90cm(35.4), 58cm( 22.8), 88cm(34.6in)

    BIRTHPLACE: Unknown

    HOBBY American: Comic Books

    PERSONAL TREASURES: The Comic book signed by Dan Brereton

    FAVORITE FOOD: Japanese Plums and Ume Japanese Apricots

    DISLIKES: Saisyu Kusanagi, Goenitz

    FORTE IN SPORTS: Working on bench presses, and Diving


    Enter 1, to Saisyu Kusanagi: Spit on the floor to see him and exclaims, "Anta mitetto kundago tatto hara." (I hate the mere sight of your face)

    Intro 2: She stretches and says, "Omoshiroi ... yarou ka?" (Interesante. .. We fought ?)

    Taunt: Laughs hysterically and says "Anmaria bakarashii kara." (You're an idiot)

    Win Pose 1: She laughs at the poor performance of his opponent and then relaxes.

    Win Pose 2 "Mangetsu no yoru ni aou ka kills." (Perhaps we meet again in a night of full moon)

    Win Pose 2: She kneels and cries out to heaven: "I korosu Syrian Hyaku!" (Come and kill me!)

    Win Quotes

    KOF 98

    Well, I think I'm finished. No more bones to break

    Capcom Vs. SNK 2

    Huh? The next bout is the final already? Oh well...

    Are you crying sour grapes? I knew that I should have broken your jaw!

    Did that hurt? I'm sure it did... And I know that this will too!

    If you can't stand the pain of losing, I can finish the job...

    I'm so excited! I love the sound that bones make when they break!

    This place will do nicely as your own personal graveyard!

    You are nothing but a bug and bugs are supposed to be crushed. Ha ha ha!

    You lack respect... I shall teach it to you with my fists!

    Your turn is over... Now it's MY TURN!

    KOF 2002

    I say goodbye to you now, but I say it with a smile.

    What? Dead already? I was just getting started..

    Oh, get real! What a fool! You thought you'd beat me?

    Hunting you down was a blast, but, whew! I'm beat!

    Uh oh. I really did it this time


    Win Quote vs. Clark The reaper is coming to get you now. Any last words, Mister Cool Guy?

    Win Quote vs. Dark Ash Do you want to crawl out of here, or be put to sleep now? It's your choice!

    Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai I like that sound! Shall we go on? You still have some unbroken bones left, right?

    Win Quote vs. Iori Utterly worthless. You'll never beat Kusanagi like that, Yagami!

    Win Quote vs. Shen Lick my feet and bark, mongrel! Then I'll kill you painlessly!

    Win Quote vs. Takuma Train yourself all you want, but there's only so much a human cannot become!

    Win Quote vs. Terry A wolf!? You!? More like a mangy cur! C'mon, bark! I want to hear you whimper!

    Vs. Vice Win Quotes

    King of Fighters XIII, The

    Andy Bogard

    Your power and fighting spirit are formidable, but you're too slow.

    Ash Crimson

    Who would’ve thought the famous Hakkensho would be such push-over?

    Athena Asamiya

    The world will never be rid of Evil. And that’s why I keep fighting!

    Clark Still

    There's nothing worse than losing without learning your lesson.

    Hwa Jai

    Break my bones!? Looks like YOU'RE the one with the broken leg there! Hyahahaha!

    Iori Yagami

    Stand in my way and I'll kill you. I have told you this before!


    I don't like big women. Get out of here before I burn you to a crisp.

    Kim Kaphwan

    It may sound trite, but I believe in it! Yes! Justice shall prevail!

    Kula Diamond

    That woman just now was scary! I have no idea what she was saying.

    Kyo Kusanagi

    I don’t know what my dad did to you, but don’t try to take it out on me!

    Mai Shiranui

    I'm not so weak as to be torn apart by a vulgar woman like you!

    Mr. Karate

    You rely solely on force and momentum. You aren't even in the same league as I am.


    Even if you'd brought the Four Kings, you wouldn't have been able to stop me!


    "Now, return to nothing?" Very well! I'll return you, Orochi, and human history to nothing all at once!

    Shen Woo

    You fight like crazy! You’re more of a man than most guys I know!

    Takuma Sakazaki

    You fight only to kill. You'll never beat a true martial artist like that!

    Terry Bogard

    Foul-mouthed as always. Who knows? You might get along with Yamazaki, though


    King of Fighters 95,

    King of Fighters 96,

    King of Fighters 98,

    King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match,

    King of Fighters 2002,

    King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

    King of Fighters XIII

    Capcom VS SNK,

    Capcom VS SNK: Pro,

    Capcom VS SNK 2,

    King of Fighters: Neowave,

    Card Fighters Clash

    Card Fighters Clash 2,

    Card Fighters Clash DS


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