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Professor Vic Chalker was intelligent enough to design and build a suit of armor, but things didn't work out so well. Disgusted at the actions of his cousin, Dick Chalker (Carnivore) Vic Chalker decided to rid the world of the scourge of mutant-kind. To this end, he designed “the most devastatingly destructive exoskeleton in the world.”


Vic Chalker first appeared in X-Factor issue 72 (1991)

Major Story Arcs

The Suit

Unfortunately, he got his measurements wrong, and ended up with a suit of armor that he barely fit in, couldn't see out of, and couldn't even reach the hand controls. Undeterred, he dealt with this minor setback, and powered up his armor for the first time. It turned out to be so powerful that it drained it's power source within a few moments. Undaunted, the professor added enough batteries and generators to “power South Dakota.” Emerging triumphantly from his lab, he noticed it beginning to rain. As he wondered if he had weatherproofed the suit enough, the first few drops hit the suit and electrocuted him, leaving him a skeleton in a suit of armor. This did not go unnoticed, as Cannonball flew by moments later, wondering about the odd statue someone had put up.

The good professor ended up in the court of Satannish, who decided to use Vic, his brother Rick Chalker (Number One Fan) and the deceased Carnivore to attack X-Factor. Either ignorant of Polaris' powers, or overconfident in his own, Vic attacked Polaris to no avail, getting thrown around like a Strong Guy one liner. After one toss, Rick tried to catch the flying Vic, and succeeded in slicing him up with his fans. Vic cut Rick in half with a laser in retribution. Needless to say, the battle didn't last much after that.


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