Character » Vibraxas appears in 72 issues.

    The self-titled "Master Of Vibration" & the son of a Wakandan aristocrat & Wakanda scientist.

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    The  young & hot-tempered N'Kano III was left orphaned and endowed with vibrational powers he couldn't completely control when his mother A'Kane was working on a way to create a new energy source by fusing/mixing  Savage Land  vibranium with  Wakandan vibranium.  At first it was stable & seemed to successful, but then it became unstable, exploded and cause a  deadly accident killing A'Kane, N'Kano II (N'Kano father) & most of the other people in the complex at the time.   Vibraxas survived the explosion but left endowed with vibrational powers can't completely control. He live with his grandfather (N'Kano I) until he was sent to New York by the Black Panther.

    Vibraxas was sent to New York to live with & learn from the Fantastic Four but unlucky for him they weren't home. So he join a Psi-Lord (a older version  Franklin Richards) & his 
    Fantastic Force.  When the team disbanded N'Kano returned to Wakanda to seek the King T'Challa to control his powers, only to be stopped by the White Wolf before he could reach the King.  Since N'Kano didn't get the help he needed to control his powers he subsequently lost his voice for a time, and ended up meeting Queen Divine Justice. They eventually formed a friendship, and then a romantic feeling for each other, which were derailed when N'Kano discovered Chanté was a member of  the order of the Dora Milaje.

    Which at the time contact with such persons was strictly forbidden and N'Kano couldn't only just bring great shame on himself and his tribe, but a romantic affair with the Queen of the Jabari cult could destabilize the entire realm, and plunge Wakanda into civil war.
    Since that time T'Challa removed the wife in training aspect from the Dora Milaje order. So whether or not the two will now start up a relationship has yet to be seen. 


    N'Kano is  infused with Vibranium. He can create and control  vibrations which can manifest in different ways including destructive shockwaves, subtle frequency matching, and phasing himself and others through solid substances. 
    Vibraxas  must wear a  harness  to help control his powers & regulate the energy he releases so his bones won't shatter.    

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