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When Warpath reappeared and entered the X-Comics again, he was armed with a pair of vibranium knives. These were revealed to be a present to him from Storm.

Ever since they were given to him, Warpath has used them all the time, very rarely engaging battle without them. The blades are said to be "perfectly balanced" making them ideal for throwing. This is useful since Warpath doesn't just fight with them in his hands but also uses them for ranged attacks.


  • Vibratory Energy Absorption: The Knives are capable of absorbing vibratory energy, such as sound waves, within itself.
  • Vibratory Energy Durability: The more vibratory energy the Knives absorb, the more durable they become.
  • Weight: Warpath's Knives seem to be perfectly balanced, allowing them to be utilized as throwing knives and combat knives.

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