Character » Vibe appears in 217 issues.

    Vibe was a member of a Detroit City gang called the Lobos. When the Justice League of America moved to Detroit he became a member. His New 52 incarnation is selected for the JLA because of his unique vibration and potential inter-dimensional abilities.

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    Justice League of America Annual #2 Vibe's Justice League debut, in which he joined Aquaman's Justice League Detroit. He was active from issue #223 to issue #258.

    Justice League Unlimited #15 While not part of any main DCU continuity, this is a nice single issue story centered around Vibe, based in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon series continuity.

    Justice League of America V3 Issues 1-5, Vibe's New 52 debut as a member of the covert Justice League of America. This first arc helps establish Vibe's character, and prominently features him as an important member of the team's first mission.

    Justice League of America's Vibe Vibe's very own New 52 solo series, which features him trying to establish himself as a hero, while also questioning his allegiance to Waller and her new Justice League. A nice small and interesting series that's worth picking up.


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