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    The patron deity of mishap and misfortune. He is a perfect example of Murphy's Law.

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    The son of Textacl, patron deity of the perpetually cuckolded, and Shrike M'ota, patron deity of emasculating shrews, Vext was brought up in the pantheon of minor gods in the Jejune Realm, otherwise known as the Borough of Mawkish Indifference. He resided there until the entirety of his realm was foreclosed upon due to lack of worship. After spending twenty-three years waiting in line to be reassigned to a new location, and enduring several minor setbacks and one near-execution caused by his terrible luck, he was sent to live on Earth.


    Vext was created by Keith Giffen. He made his first appearance in DCU Heroes Secret Files #1.

    Major Story Arcs


    Living in Delta City, Vext attempts to integrate into life amongst humans. Despite his best efforts, his own unintentional manipulation of probability usually results in disaster for himself. During his time on Earth he inadvertantly creates a road rage monster, accidentally destroys a colony of hyper-intelligent germs determined to destroy the world, struggles to make sense of the DMV, and tries to deal with a super pushy ex-girlfriend.

    Powers and Abilities

    Vext is a minor god of relatively little power. His primary power is that of unintentional probability manipulation. This twisting of chance results in almost universally unfavourable outcomes in the form of bad luck and mishaps, typically for himself. He does not possess a human's physiology, though physically he resembles one. He is apparently immune to many human illnesses, and appears to be immortal, or extremely long-lived.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Scribblenauts Unmasked

    Vext appears as one of the minor characters who can be summoned in this game. He does not speak in his appearance.


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