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Vetis is a Demon who trick people in selling there soul for Money, Power or a special ability (eg: Unbreakable skin, Foresight into the near future). During the "Bronze Age" Vetis makes a deal with Deadpool to stop Tony Stark (Iron Man), Deadpool accepts the deal but double crosses Vetis in the end. Vetis is then punished by Mephisto.

After many year Vetis appears before Deadpool again, Vetis swore to kill Wade's new friend Micheal whom made a deal with Vetis for his magical abilities many year ago if Deadpool didn't do the job. As Deadpool killed the people Vetis had made deals with, Vetis then proceed to absorb there soul as well as there ability he sold to them. Vetis though is double crossed by Deadpool once again and Vetis is stopped from gaining the abilities he needs to take Mephisto realm.

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