Character » Veteran appears in 18 issues.

    A well revered hero who was part of the U.S. Army. Veteran leads a group of heroes against crime.

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    The Veteran was created by Bill Willingham and Damion Scott. He made his debut in Robin #138.


    Veteran is a hero who is linked with the United States Military, with urban myths claiming he has fought in each of the wars Americas fought. After many years the veteran eventually achieves the military rank of General, gaining his own elite squad of soldiers dealing with metahuman and demonic threats around the globe. Eventually when the Veteran and his unit are deployed to Bludhaven, he begins trying to recruit Tim Drake believing him to be the ideal candidate to join his unit because of his training with Batman. Tim eventually passes on the opportunity, choosing to stay with Batman's mission.

    Veteran was later among those captured by the Auctioneer during his invasion of Earth, and helped Superman with the escape.

    Powers & Abilities

    Veteran is indestructible being able to withstand drops from helicopters and buildings crushing him easily as well as being immortal. Due to his participation in all American military conflicts he is an master strategist and is very experienced in combat including both armed and unarmed. The Veteran also being a general possesses high level's of leadership ability.


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