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    Member of the Morlock extremist group, Gene Nation. Vessel gains strength from the souls of the deceased, similar to the powers that Threnody possessed.

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    Vessel grew up among the Morlocks and witnessed happiness while there, however, Mikhail Rasputin had entered the tunnels and caused a flood. When Vessel recovered, he found he had been transported to "The Hill," a world in which time passed at an accelerated pace. Soon he and his fellow second generation Morlocks grew savage and hateful of the world their ancestors had abandoned because of the humans.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Gene Nation

    Somehow they found their way back to earth and started killing humans in the name of mutant kind, their first target was a disco. They then set up attacks against the X-Men and Generation X to test them. Vessel attacked a group of X-Men consisting of Storm, Wolverine and Cannonball. He managed to hold his own against the three mutants while explaining how his powers worked. In the end he was defeated, yet he still managed to escape.

    On the anniversary of the mutant massacre, Vessel, Marrow, Hemingway, Sack ,and Reverb decided to put their final plan in place. They commandeered a train and held the people hostage so they could repay the X-Men incloding former Morlock leader, Storm, for their “paltry” assistance during the massacre. He fought with Wolverine while Marrow dealt with Storm. They were defeated and Marrow was presumed dead. Callisto then took them back to The Hill.

    Once there, Mikhail promoted Vessel to his personal guard and renamed him “Snow.” With Gene Nation, he abducted Storm and a battle raged between she and Mikhail. The battle was the reason why Mikhail planned to have Gene Nation resume their terrorist activities. Storm managed to have him teleport all the Gene Nationals from The Hill to the Morlock tunnels and kill off Reverb. Some members were sent to Africa in a fledging village but many of the more blood thirsty remained in the tunnels with their maker; Dark Beast. The next mission involved an attack on Generation X, in which Vessel captured Jubilee for his master. In the end he battled Gen-X and X-Man, seemingly perishing when the tunnels exploded.

    Weapon X and Death

    Years later, he would resurface, continuing his terrorist attacks. This time against Weapon X, by order of his newly returned leader, Marrow, who had found herself among Weapon X's ranks earlier and sought revenge for their having used her as their guinea pig. Along with Hemingway, who had become her personal guard, they attacked the compound, only to prompt Weapon X in sending Agent Zero to deal with them. In the end, Vessel was killed defending Marrow.


    Vessel has the ability to absorb remnant energy, whether it is physical or psychic in nature from the recently deceased. Once he has absorbed this energy he can transform it into raw physical strength, granting him super strength and enhanced durability and on some occasions he has shown to increase his size. Vessel also has a green tone to his skin with many orange "veins" covering most of his frame.


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