Vesper Fairchild

    Character » Vesper Fairchild appears in 37 issues.

    A TV and Radio personality who became romantically involved with billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (Batman). She disappeared from Gotham City during the events of No Man's Land, but would rekindle their relationship after the City's reparation. She was eventually killed by David Cain.

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    Vesper Fairchild first came to prominence as a night-time radio talk show host in Gotham City. She first met Bruce Wayne when he was a guest on her show,which led to a romatic relationship between the two.After a massive earthquake stuck Gotham City and it was declared a " No Man's Land" by the federal government, Fairchild left the city to start a career as a journalist. When she returned to the revitalized city she once again continued a romantic relationship with Wayne.Because Fairchild was investigating Wayne's alter-ego Batman, he decided to sever the relationship to avoid his secrets from being revealed.To this end he invited her to Wayne Manor while he had three other women there leading to Vesper leaving in tears.

    Soon after their relationship was dissolved Fairchild was murdered by the assassin David Cain at Wayne's mansion in a ploy by Lex Luthor to destroy his business rival by framing him for murder.


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