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Verti-Cal and his best friend, Horizont-Al were the Gods and only known inhabitants of a reality where the Laws of Physics as we know them did not exist and used their vast, limitless powers for recreational purposes only. At one point, the two encountered Sonic the Hedgehog, the hero of Mobius Prime and played a number of tricks on him using everything from their powers to the unique layout of their own reality.
Despite this, Sonic tried desperately to get "Cal" and "Al" to meet with Princess Sally and join The Freedom Fighters in their mission to overthrow Doctor Julian Kintobor or "Doctor Robotnik" and restore Mobius Prime to the way it once was before Robotnik betrayed King Acorn and conquered the planet. But Cal and Al completely ignored his request and sent Sonic on his way.
A few years later, as Sonic waged his final battle against Robotnik, a device called The Ultimate Annihilator was destroyed and sent out a temporal shockwave the not only created many new timelines but severely weakened the barriers between currently existing universes all across the Multiverse. Unfortunately for Cal and Al, they were forced to pay the ultimate price for Sonic's victory over Robotnik. 
Their entire universe was decimated back to a sub-atomic level and their bodies were destroyed in the flames of cosmic annihilation. But their ethereal essences endured, which continued to live on in the form of highly primitive protoplasmic entities until the rebirth of their native universe occurred and gave them back their intellect and power as well as physical forms to call their own.
But Cal and Al were no longer the best of friends, during the time it took for their bodies, power and universe to rebuild themselves the two became mutually distrustful of one another and began blaming one another for allowing the previous destruction of the only home they ever knew. Once their anger and hatred reached its final boiling point, Cal and Al, who had both discarded their original forms in favor of giant armored battle suits, went to war with one another and caused a dimensional tear to open up on Mobius Prime.
Sonic and Tails discovered the ever-expanding rift while traveling through The Great Forest and were pulled into it against their will, upon reaching the other side of the rift they found themselves transformed into mind-controlled pawns in the war between Cal and Al with Sonic as Cal's avatar and Tails as Al's. The two fought for a short time in the name of their "Masters" until Tails regained his senses and helped free Sonic of Cal's influence. 
Sonic and Tails attempted to convince Cal and Al to reconcile their friendship and go back to the way things were, but ultimately failed and were cast out of their reality as the two continued to wage war on one another. As time passed, their battles grew more vicious and began damaging other realities, with the lives of literally trillions upon trillions of lifeforms hanging on a thread, The Zone Cops became involved in Cal and Al's war and by some miracle managed to bring the two down.
After being forced to return to their original forms, Cal and Al were fitted with power-inhibiting collars to keep their nigh-omnipotent power inaccessible and were taken to the Zone Jail controlled by Warden Zobotnik, the Jail's Administrator. During their time spent in prison, Cal and Al reconciled their friendship while they were being subjected to physical abuse from the other prisoners and stuck together like they had in the good old days.
When Scourge, a corrupt alternate reality version of Sonic, was brought to justice by their former plaything, Cal and Al "befriended" Scourge in order to keep the attention of the other prisoners on him rather than them, which lead to less beatings and other forms of physical abuse from their "fellow" prisoners, such as a cruel, alternate version of Big the Cat, much to their relief. Cal and Al were later seen having lunch with Scourge up until The Destructix and their leader, Fiona Fox secured the table and forced them to go elsewhere.
A day or so later, while Scourge was suffering a beating, Cal and Al watched from the sidelines engaged in a discussion concerning Scourge. When the Zone Cops came to break the fight up and bring Scourge to Warden Zobotnik, they asked him to put in a "good word" for them. Later, after seeing Scourge managing to get Sergeant Simian and Predator Hawk to side with him in his plan to take control of the prison, Cal and Al asked if they could join forces with Scourge as well, but when asked he said that he was merely scheduling beatings to which they replied if he could do the same for them.
Cal and Al parted ways with Scourge after that and returned to their cells to sleep.

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