Veronica Bouedaue

    Character » Veronica Bouedaue appears in 12 issues.

    One of the Parker Girls assigned to Francine

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    Cousin of David and Darcy, Veronica works for Darcy Parker as one of her Parker Girls.  She was given lowly roles in the company, chauffeur, at first when she felt she deserved a more equal footing with her cousin. She also bitterly resented Kachoo as lover of Darcy and gladly went on a mission to get close to Francine and goes as far as to become the girlfriend of her Ex-Chuck. She is also parachuted into a job working over Francine at the company she's just started with. She bonds with Francine even if she is much more forthright than her.  
    It only becomes apparent who she is when she gets suddenly moved to a new job and Francine mentions the name of the parent company to Katchoo who instantly works out its an anagram of Darcy Parker and she must have been a plant. 
    She is almost immediately placed as the wife of a presidential candidate to help the Parker girls retain their control in the whitehouse after two terms.  
    When the Organisation collapses she takes the biggest fall as public face fo the secretive company. 
    When she reemerged she got Bambi released and used her as a brutal assassin. The much like Darcy she became increasingly reckless and once again Tambi was forced to end her tyrannical reign.


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