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    Verity grew up as a foster child turned runaway. She soon meets robots in disguise, and it gives her life new meaning.

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    Transformers: Infiltration

    Verity is first seen sneaking onto a bus leaving from Phoenix, Arizona. She palms a hand held computer from one of the passengers for herself but the man she stole it from is being tracked by Decepticons. She soon fakes being sick and has the bus stop to pull over and let her off. She gets a ride from Hunter O'nion who is on the look for robots in disguise who have been hiding on earth for centuries. Hunter pulls off the road when he sees the bus Verity happened to be on had been in accident to see how he can help. She misinterpreted has a potential kidnapping and quickly prepared herself for the worse. She proves her quick wittiness again in this moment. The Man who she stole from is now dead from the accident which was actually an attack by two Decepticons who ran them off the road. Since Verity is using the handheld computer the Decepticons are able to lock on to its position and attack Hunter while he is again driving down the road. Fortunately Ratchet comes to help out both of the humans.

    Now safe with Ratchet, whom Verity believes to be a man driving an ambulance, she finds herself in Southeast California. Verity becomes shrt tempered given the recent attacks by Decepticons which only gets worse as they are again attacked by the same two who cause the accident with the bus. Rachet is able to engage the enemy without causing serious damage and get away from the Decepticons. Verity directs Rachet to her online friend, Jimmy Pink, who runs a mechanic shop in Riverside to repair the ambulance. Verity admits that she is a Net-Hiker and that so is Jimmy and that there is a online community that helps each other out. While Verity is relaxing and busy eating Hunter takes her computer and finds that their are images that prove the existence of giant robots here on earth. This convinces Ratchet to share part of the truth with them about who he is. Before he can share much of the story Verity leaves and runs into the Decepticons who previously attacked her and returns to Ratchet and Hunter which leads to yet another attack.

    Ratchet is finally forced into having to transform in order to save the humans he then takes them to the Autobot base for help. Continuous attacks ensue because of the information held on the Computer that Verity stole. The Decepticons desperately need it and break their rules and transform out in the open to gain an advantage and hopefully terminate their loose ends. With all the madness going on around her Verity snaps and gets scared. It takes Jimmy to help calm her down but not completely before they are attacked again. Ratchet finally receives back up and is saved but is reprehended for breaking the Autobot rules and endangering the lives of the humans.

    Verity and the rest of her friends are locked up while Prowl decides what to do with them. Ratchet decides that he needs to get proof of the plans he feels the Decepticons are engaging in that may put the earth in peril. After explaining his action he goes to Verity and the other humans to get them free when he uploads the information that Verity's handheld computer has he feels even more sure that the Decepticons are up to no good. Verity and the others offer to help Ratchet with the mission of finding proof and exploring the empty Decpticon base. While discussing it though Bumblebee over hears the conversation and also offers to help them out.

    When Ratchet and Bumblebee get Verity and the others to the empty Decepticon base in Nebraska only her and the other humans can get inside. While searching around she finds empty pods and one that has a dead body of a man in it. It freaks her out but after regaining her composure and sets to finding anything usefull that will help Rachet with his mission. While waiting outside Rachet and Bumblebee are attacked by Skywarp and Blitzwing who are finishing up their mission of destroying all the evidence the Mystery Man, whom Verity stole from , had found. Ratchet tell Verity and the group to get out, but Verity stumbled upon evidence she felt would be important. She was extreamly fortunatle to find the most important piece of evidence that could possibly be found...Megatron!

    Megatron was on bored the "empty" Decepticon ship Starscream ordered Blitzwing and Skywarp to attack the base knowing Megatron was inside. Verity is the last to escape before the place caves in from the attack. Skywarp is killed by Megatron when he rises from the rubble of the base. Ratchet send all the information he has gathered back to base and the rest of the present Autobots come to the rescue. Verity breaks down and finally admits that she is scared. Hunter and Jimmy admit they are happy to be taken to safety and that its okay that Verity is scared. Verity and her friends are taken to base and when the rest of the autobots come back from overseeing the the fight for control among the Decpticons in Oregon they learn that Optimus Prime has come.


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