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    Sam Payne was a police officer in the Gotham City Police Department. There her and her partner Gary Hoffman were used to dealing with the regular criminals of Gotham, but the masks always put both of them on edge. Then on faithful Tuesday, Harley Quinn was brought in by the Batman for robbing a bank or jewelry store. Their commanding officer gave them the job of transporting her to Arkham, but along the way Harley escaped and Gary was shot and killed.

    Sam was in the hospital for her wounds when she learned the commanding officer and the other SWAT team were being paid by the Joker to let Harley break free. Once the SWAT officer was alone, Sam killed him, a crime she was never caught for.

    This made Sam realize she couldn't be a cop anymore and quit the force with a large payment. Then years later when Harley returned to Gotham, Sam decided she couldn't sit idlely by and took on the persona of Verdict, and went on amission to clean Gotham of curruption.


    Sam Payne was created by Stephanie Phillips to first appear in Harley Quinn #8. She was later to be revealed as a villain in Harley Quin #13.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fear State

    For More information see: Harley Quinn: Keepsake

    During the events of Fear State, Sam is being harassed by the Magistrate and Kevin comes to her rescue. This act is unnecessary as Sam saves herself. She explains that she is searching for the source of Fear State but is sidetracked by Kevin when the SAFE Headquarters blows up.

    Later, Sam saves Kevin from the collapsing SAFE Headquarters. The pair make it out of the building and Kevin thanks her.


    For more information see: Thorns

    Sam and Kevin Go out on a date at the Gotham City Museum of Art for their Art After Dark event. Their night is cut short when Harley spills wine on Sam's dress and Poison Ivy attacks Harley. One the street on the way Sam calls Kevin her boyfriend before hugging him goodnight.

    Bad Math

    For more information see: Bad Math

    It's revealed that Sam is partially behind Keepsake kidnapping of Kevin. Since Keepsake failed her one last time she shoots and kills him.


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