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Verod tried to become a joined Trill but washed out and felt very bitter about it so bitter in fact that he stole the Dax symbiont from another Trill called Jadzia Dax.  He was successful for only a few hours and the Dax symbiont was rejoined the Jadzia.  Years later he hunted down Ezri Dax who had possession of the symbiont out of revenge.


The character was created in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television show.  The Character was played by John Glover and was only in one episode but in the continuation in the comic world he has had a handful appearances.

Major Story Arcs

Verad Kills Himself
Verad Kills Himself
Divided we fall
Verad still agree over not being chosen for joining lashed out at trill society and lead a group of terrorist in killing all joined Trill.  Verad makes himself a Typhoid Mary and poisons the population of Trill by using Transporters than kills himself to make it nearly  impossible for the Federation to find a cure on time.

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