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Vera Gemini is the unholy spawn of demon and man. She became the leader of a cult called the Harvesters of Eyes to bring about the destruction of the human race. Her mixed characteristics have caused discrimination by human and demon alike.


Under her leadership, an Agent of Fortune was able to steal the Eye of Agamotto from Dr. Strange. Together with the Eye and the sacrifice of two archeologists, Vera was able to open a portal to an unnamed dimension to bring forth the demon lord Belathauzer. She also manipulated the demons, who previously thought ill of her due to her mixed race, to ultimately give her control of their race. The demon apocalypse was averted by the combined effort of Devil Slayer and the Defenders (Dr. Strange, Valkyrie, Hulk, Hellcat and Nighthawk).

Normally she looked human. Once she brought the demons to Earth, she took on a demonic form herself.


Vera Gemini was created by David Anthony Kraft and Ed Hannigan in 1978 and first appeared in The Defenders # 58.

Powers and Abilities

Vera Gemini is a skilled user of the magical arts. Using ritual sacrifice she was able to open dimension gateways to demonic dimensions. She can levitate, shift between human and demonic forms, and can fire powerful energy bolts. She can summon demons at will, but the order of magnitude with the demon requires more power expenditure, and so can be risky. Her energy output is extremely potent.

For a brief time she had possession of the Eye of Agamotto.

Physical Characteristics (Demon)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: None

Eyes: Red

Physical Characteristics (Human)

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue


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