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    Vera was X-Man Beast's girlfriend, during the first X-Men team formation, back in the 1960s. Mimic was introduced as her former boyfriend.

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    Vera Cantor worked in a New York library and was a close friend to Zelda Kurtzberg. Eventually the two girls would move into an apartment together strengthening their friendship. Zelda would also rope Vera into a joint date, Zelda keen on Bobby Drake and setting up Zera for a blind date with Hank McCoy. Both woman would be unaware that Drake and McCoy were actually the mutant superheroes Iceman and the Beast respectively. Vera would also have to contend with a one sided affection from Calvin Rankin who also coincidentally was the mutant Mimic. The two woman would frequently get frustrated at the two young X-Men, because they would often run out during dates (to fight some menace as Iceman and Beast) every time they were together.


    Vera Cantor is a Marvel comic book character introduced in The X-Men #19 released in April 1966. The character created by Stan Lee, Jay Gavin and Dick Ayers. Almost exclusively used as a supporting character, Vera would appear now and then, and is usually connected and associated with the character Hank McCoy also known as Beast.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dating the Beast

    Vera Cantor would be set up for a blind date by her friend Zelda Kurtzberg. In a twist of irony she would met her future date in a library with the two enjoying in a spot of sarcasm before being made by an arriving Zelda that they were each others date. In one incident Vera would spot another admirer of hers Calvin Rankin walking towards her as she was with Hank and Zelda and her date Bobby Drake. Calvin's aggressiveness towards Vera causing a brawl between him and McCoy, which would only break up with en embarrassed Zera to the side and a group of humans chasing Calvin away. Their next date would be just as awkward with Hank having to rush out midway through after hearing a radio report despite Zelda's attempts to compliment him.

    Powers and Abilities

    Vera Cantor possesses no super human powers or abilities. A normal human she has the fitness level of a woman of her height and size who engages in regular physical activity.


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