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    Venus is the Roman goddess of love, sex, and prosperity.

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    Venus is the goddess of love from Roman mythology. She is adapted primarily from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, though also incorporating some elements of other ancient deities.

    Grimm Fairy Tales

    Like most other characters in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, Venus is actually a Highblood. Since losing her divine stature among humans she has chosen to pose as the fashion icon known as "Miss Astrid Venus," enjoying the fame and celebrity status that it gives her. Unlike the traditional depiction of the goddess (vain and self-absorbed but ultimately benevolent), this version of Venus is villainous and plays the role of an antagonist in Grimm Fairy Tale story arcs.

    Major Story Arcs

    The character is an adaptation of the Roman goddess Venus. She is still a prominent character in the land of Myst and has taken an interest in the affairs of Earth. Alongside Ares, her sometimes-lover and the Greek god of war, Venus plans a war to control the Nexus and thus return humans to the state of worshiping the ancient gods. She attempts to recruit both Zeus and Hades to her cause and believes Neptune to be dead (although he is revealed to be alive). Most of the former Greco-Roman gods now pose as regular humans and Venus is no different, posing as a glamorous and powerful fashion magazine director who loves that people worship her for her great influence over modern fashion.

    Power and Abilities

    As one of the major goddesses in the Greco-Roman pantheon, Venus possesses a formidable array of divine powers and magical abilities. She is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful beings in the universe. Rather than engaging in direct combat, Venus often prefers to manipulate men to her will using her stunning physical appearance and personal charm.


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