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    Venture is a Superhero in Jay Faerber's Superhero Universe and the shared Image Comics Universe

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    His name seems to be lost in history but what is known about the superhero now known as Venture is that he is virtually immortal and has lived many lives throughout history. He changes his identity from time to time but has been a hero during each of his lives, yet doing so in secret. It isn't until the modern day that his identity is discovered by reporter Reggie Baxter that anyone truly learns what he can do. Reggie is searching for his big story and accidently captures Venture on film saving his and another person's life. Reggie blackmails him into openly became a superhero as he has hidden the tape showing him saving lives in his civilian identity. Venture shaves his long hair and beard (but wears fakes to keep his idenity secret) and doning a costume debuts as the hero he always has been.

    Early in his career as a public superhero he comes in contact with Celeste Noble, of the Noble Family, and she aids him in battling a villain. She even gives him a kiss on the cheek in gratitude for helping her.

    Venture travels to a distant world (later learned to be one located in an alternate dimension) with Frost, Celeste Noble, Firebird, Rusty Noble and Cosmic Rae to rescue scientists. While there he comes to blows with Rusty and it is Venture who is ultimately the winner. It is revealed that there are US Soldiers on the world and their true mission seems to be to conquer the world. The team is capture and to be executed by the world's leader but Frost escapes and manages to subdue him. Frost is on the verge of killing the leader when his mother, Gaia Noble, arrives and informs him that he is about to kill his grandfather.

    The Nobles convince their relative to release his prisoners in exchange for someone else to take his wrath out on.


    Venture can fly, is invulnerable, super strong and projects light.

    In addition to this near immortality.


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