Character » Venomm appears in 22 issues.

    Former ally to Erik Killmonger, Venomm is presently allied with T'Challa.

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    Horatio Walters was a hideously scarred human snake-charmer with a corpse-like face. He was recruited in America by Erik Killmonger to help in his revolution to overthrow the Black Panther's rule of Wakanda. Venomm was smuggled into the country and put in charge of Killmonger's Death Regiments. Killmonger promised that his new regime would be a place in which Venomm would find greater acceptance than he had in the U.S.

    Story Arcs

    Years after Killmonger's initial attempt at revolution, Venomm was pictured fighting alongside Wakandan forces during an internal conflict against Man-Ape's tribe. This showed that Venomm stayed in Wakanda and became a citizen of the nation, allying himself with the Black Panther.

    Fear Itself: The Fearless

    The Thule Society and DOA aka Department of Occult Armaments have united under the leadership of Sin as they attempt to retrieve the seven mystic hammers after the Serpent and the Worthy were defeated. Daimon Hellstorm has joined Sin and tells her and Crossbones that he would like the DOA at his disposal to settle a personal feud and they needed an occult specialist like him. Crossbones tells Hellstorm that he may not be needed since a number of recruits specializing in the occult and dark arts were showing up in this gathering including Venomm.

    Powers & Abilities

    In combat, Venomm would command scores of snakes to attack his foes, either through venomous bites or by constriction. Venomm has also exhibited moderate hand-to-hand combat abilities of his own. His snake-charming performances were typically performed as he balanced on a long wooden staff laid across a pit of venomous snakes. The balancing suggests Venomm may have a higher than average agility.


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