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The House of Ideas asks and answers the question: What if the Venom Symbiote possessed Deadpool?!

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter One: 1985 - The Man With the M.O.D.O.K. Butt
  • Chapter Two: 1993 - Straight Outta Secret Wars XII
  • Chapter Three: [untitled]
  • Chapter Four: [untitled]

Chapter 1- Deadpool, of Earth 615.9, is hired by Galactus to find the Beyonder, and kill him. Deadpool is giving the Retcon Expungifier to complete the mission, and is promised the Cosmic Cube as payment. Deadpool is teleported to Earth where he finds the Beyonder at Club Dance Pacific but instead of killing him, Deadpool gets drunk with his target. Then later, Deadpool and the Beyonder take a flying limo and are attacked by Venom/Spider-man. This is when Bobby Oceanic blasts Venom/Spider-man and he falls to the ground bellow, but not before Venom leaves him and joins with Deadpool, creating Venompool.

Chapter 2- Years later, the Beyonder, Venompool, and Tony Stark are all getting drunk in an alley. The Beyonder has a moment of clarity and leaves Venompool and Tony. This angers Venompool who sells Tony to A.I.M. and uses the money to buy a house, and tries to join a super-team to no avail. He then hears about Secret Wars XI try-outs but gets bored, and leaves.

Chapter 3- Venompool is on Jerry Springer, with the Beyonder and Carnage Curl, a women who has Carnage like powers. Venompool tells Jerry how he bought his Retcon Expungifier back from a pawn shop, and how Carnage Curl was created. Just as Carnage Curl is about to kill Venompool, Galactus shows up and him and Beyonder destroy the Earth.

Chapter 4- Venompool is famous, but grows bored, so he kills all the Marvel heroes and villians. This makes him bored and he uses the Retcon Expungifer to erase all reality.


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Oh Yeah, This Is Why I Don't Read Deadpool Comics 0

THE BASICSA "What If" tale that deals with the crazy shenanigans that Deadpool would get into if he bonded with the Venom Symbiote. MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFI have no compliments. This thing is horrible.FEEL THE STING OF MY DISCONTENT!The title of this review is a bit unfair. It's true that I don't care for Deadpool or the style of his books, but they never really bothered me too much and I've even enjoyed a comic or two of his in the past. I just don't care for the style. (It would be fair to ...

4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Not Very Possessing 0

The Marvel "What If..." series is a very absurd idea, taking what is more or less fan fics and creating them into actual brief stories for some fun. I personally have never been a fan of them, as they really add nothing to the Marvel Universe as a whole except for inconsequential side distractions that feel too short and too side tracked to matter.This is no different.Rife with references and general Deadpool silliness, we watch as Deadpool, now dubbed Venompool since being possessed by it, go ...

1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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