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    A super steroid that grants the user super strength and instantaneous muscle enhancement, with a high risk of addiction and deteriorated health with long term use.

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    Batman writer/editor Denny O'Neil created Venom is his Legends of the Dark Knight story also titled "Venom". The series depicts Batman becoming hooked on the substance as it greatly improves his abilities and strength but begins to become dependent. Only after locking himself in the Batcave for a prolonged period of time is Bruce able to overcome his addiction.

    The substance was later used in the creation of the villain Bane in a new super-soldier form.


    Venom is the name of an addictive super-steroid, most commonly used by Bane, who has a network of tubes which pump the substance throughout his body.

    The drug that would become known as Venom was originally created by designer drug specialist Dr. Randolph Porter. It was originally invented in pill form and was to be used to help create an army of mercenary mind-controlled super soldiers. When Porter fled Gotham city to escape justice at the hands of Batman, he ended up in Santa Prisca. There Porter perfected the Venom formula and created an injectable form of the drug. This is the version that would later be used by Santa Prisca native Bane, the man who broke Batman's back.

    The history of the Venom drug was later changed in the pages of JSA Classified #17. There it was revealed to be an enhanced version of the Miraclo formula, the pill created and used by JSA member The Hourman.

    Other Media

    Bane uses Venom in almost all his other media incarnations to pump himself up to a great size and take on the Batman. Some more notable examples of Venom are:

    Batman & Robin

    In the live action film, Venom appears to be the creation of scientist Doctor Woodrue engineered into a super-soldier serum from snake venom taken from samples from Pamela Isley.

    Batman Beyond

    In the episode "The Winning Edge" Venom has become distributed in patches as performance enhancing drugs known as "Slappers".

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Venom is not named in the film but its presence is alluded to. The back story explains that Bane was extremely beaten after the attack of Talia Al Ghul's mother, Bane was torn and broken from his attack. The prison doctor gave Bane general medical care only from what was found at the prison, being left in bandages and in an extreme unstable state. Ra's Al Ghul rescued him from the pit and fitted a mask upon him, the mask filters a powerful analgesic gas which relieves him of any pain. Raising his pain threshold to near superhuman levels and a pain depressant the gas augments his strength.

    Arkham Series Video Games

    A altered version of Venom called "Titan" is central to the plot of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Joker uses the serum on prisoners turning them into mindless, disfigured and heavily muscled brutes. The Joker eventually uses it on himself in the final showdown. Alternative endings show Titan tanks being grabbed by various villains.

    In the sequel Batman: Arkham City, The Joker is suffering illness from his prolonged exposure and has become terminal and eventually injects Batman with his blood. A sub-plot of the game involves Batman double crossing Bane into destroying the remaining Titan containers.


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