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While Venom was suffering from some kind of insanity involving multiple voices (some from the symbiote, some not) in is head, Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut came into town. They had been hired to kidnap someone and it looked like they were going to cross paths with Venom. One night, Eddie was talking with a woman he (and the symbiote) liked when they were confronted by a large man. The man was none other than The Juggeraut!

The person he and Black Tom were after was apparently Eddie’s girlfriend. Venom wouldn’t stand for that and he attacked Juggernaut. They fought, and at first Venom got tossed around like nothing. Before long though, it became obvious that Juggernaut wasn’t even phasing him. Venom was laughing and cracking jokes (a lot like his old enemy Spider-Man). This only made Juggernaut angrier, and he pounded Venom through the ground and all the way down to the sewers. When they stopped falling, Venom started hearing the voices again but Juggernaut heard nothing. Juggernaut tossed an unconscious Venom into a pool of red liquid and left him for dead. There was something strange about the liquid, and it started to talk to Venom. On the last page of the issue, they began to bond…

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