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Remender Does It Again...

This has nothing to do with the issue, but that's okay.  It's still a great cover. 
The Good: 
The storytelling couldn't get any better than this.  This isn't your typical action-packed issue that we become accustomed to so far in this series, but it doesn't mean that this isn't a great issue.  It tackles other matters in Thompson's life.  Frankly, I know not much about Thompson before this series began.  Sure, he was Parker's bully and best friend, but apart from that I hadn't read much else about his background and his life of alcoholism.  It's certainly really good to see Remender treat us to a tonally serious story about Thompson's past and present life and how it all influences his decisions.  The pace is great too; just an amazing issue. 
The Bad: 
There wasn't a damn bad thing about this issue.  You have no idea how happy that makes me, lol. 
Even though we've had action packed issues in the past and this one deters from that formula, this issue doesn't feel like it interrupts the flow of the series.  It actually gives more depth and angles to a character many may be unfamiliar with, or at least this aspect of this character.  It is great storytelling, with compelling art work.  As an aside, has the villain in the first few pages appeared anywhere else before this issue, or is he Remender's creation? 

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