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    Venom » Venom #42 - Mania Conclusion released by Marvel on December 2013.

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    The End

    well here it is, and as a Venom fan im content with this issue, nothing bad besides this is the last issue of this great series. Cullen continues to do a great job with Flash's inner monologue, and his interaction with Andi is good. Jorge Coelho finishes up his art duties in this Mania arc improving his visual on every issue he's been thus far. A bitter end to one of marvel's most underrated series, Thnks everyone who was involve in this great series : )

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      It's Not Good, It Ain't Bad, But It's Ugly. 0

      "Venom" has been one of my personal favorite series from Marvel, It wasn't perfect, and it wasn't anything out of the ordinary either. It was simply tale of a guy trying to control a monster inside of him, a story of a hero who tried to follow the footsteps of his hero while ending up going in a different direction. Long story short, it was a good, consistent series which had a lot of fun moments, and I had hoped that it would have had a good, or at least a fulfilling ending, however, it failed ...

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      If every beginning must have an end, then perhaps... 0

      So this is it. The finish line of Venom's longest running ongoing in his history. He has found a new host in Flash Thompson, and despite having their conflicts with one another, the suit and Flash, as we have seen, have come to understand and care for each other. Even if only in a mutual need sense. Flash Thompson has become, arguably, the best Venom host; even surpassing that of the legendary Eddie Brock.The issue opens with Flash and Andi going to Atlantic City, New Jersey, searching for ...

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