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    Venom Smash!

    Cullen Buun has seriously been kicking arse on this series, we've come so far and Bunn managed to execute a toxin Vs venom and Toxin and Venom Team ONE arc...and in case you didn't know that is Frigging awesome.

    The art is amazing, seriously, this is what an all out symbiot battle should be about. it's gory, brutal, and fast-paced. Flash taking charge as venom while brock is following in the background is also amazing. Though despite the fact that everything was cool, i was slightly disappointing on how toxin was taken down, he is clearly stronger than venom, yet the slayers seriously cut him down. however, this was probably to give flash an excuse to finely go full-out-venom. and that happens, as the title of this review would imply. Also, eddie seemed a bit out of character to me, considering what he has been through, i would doubt he'd risk the lives of children for his revenge, but then again, eddie is smart, and there is a HUGE possibility that he was just urging Flash to come out and pick a fight.

    One of the highlights of the comics is the simple fact that Flash and Eddie stand at different positions, and there is a distinct parallel Drawn between them. Eddie never had anything to fight for, while flash want to build a life, even with the symbiot. this was an interesting concept, one which i hope will get explored more.

    After hearing some thoughts on this from a Venom fan who knows this character so much better than i do, i've decided to reconsider somethings. Eddie letting Flash go so easily seemed a bit out of character, because he killed scott, and he actually DID good. But here is something that i try to think about . Was remender's Brock better than bunns? i get that eddie didn't have the anti-venom so the CURE part was basically taken out of the equation, but he still could have found someone to help him cure people who have been wearing the symbiot. To be honest i prefer this Brock the one could sympathies with his victims, instead of deciding to be Judge, Jury and executioner. Therefor i will NOT be taking another star away for this.

    Recommendation: Yes

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