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Daddy Issues

Recommendation: "It was okay"

Too much "therapy", not enough "We want to eat your brain!"

Clearly the name of this issue should be changed from "Father's Day" to "Daddy Issues". It is one long therapy session for Flash. I really was expecting more - like a 10-page, knock-down, drag-out battle between Venom and Jack-O-Lantern. After all, that is what we have been waiting for - it is what we have been expecting from the teased "I'm gonna do more than kill Jack-O-Lantern" issue.

Sadly, it does not deliver. There is closure, but it may only be for Flash.

The redeeming characteristic about this issue is the imagery. The art serves the book without need for the words. In fact, after just flipping through the book again - just looking at the images - the story still gets told and feels less like a therapy session. I did really like the splash page.

Unfortunately, it does not change the ending - I guess even the "violent books" (Venom, Uncanny X-Force, etc.) get sappy after a while... This issue was entirely unnecessary. Based on how it ended, it could have been wrapped up as part of the last issue (where everything else was tied up in a nice bow).

The good news is, this issue did not spoil the entire series, or the arc for that matter. This series still stands as one of my favorites. That said, I am now recharging my expectations for Cullen's take on Venom. #fingerscrossed


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