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Frankly, I don't really care for the cover.  I can get behind the idea they are depicting and it's a pretty cool concept, but maybe the angles are what really bother me.  I know the symbiote is capable of doing all sorts of awesome things, but it still bothers me here.

The Good:

The art and the colors are mesmerizing.  The characterizations and the way that the fight was carried out was extremely well done, as was the few ending panels, giving you an obvious look at the direction of the comic.  I was very fond of Peter, of course, standing up for Flash to Betty and telling her to give him time.

The Bad:

My only fear stems from the fact that it seems as if every issue in this series is going to be somewhat of a standalone issue.  Remender does the opposite in UXF, where every panel seems to be related to something previously alluded to, and that is completely absent here, at least as part of a cohesive story.  For example, I don't actually know why Venom was in the Savage Land (they mention it, sure, but how does that relate to previous issues- there are three before this one- and how is that going to overarch, if at all).  I guess all I'm trying to say is that hopefully there is an story goal in mind; otherwise, it's just a series of one-shots.


The pacing in this was a little weird, but the art and the great storytelling are awesome.  Some of the colors found in these panels are breathtaking and the overall tone of this particular issue is that of defeat, a humbling treat to both the symbiote and Flash, reminding them that not every mission will be the same.


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