Venom #14

    Venom » Venom #14 released by Marvel on May 1, 2012.

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    Mephisto offers a deal the heroes might not be able to refuse. Before Ghost Rider's decision rips this new team apart, can they work together to stop Blackheart? Cap and The Avengers might have something to say about the fallout.

    Complete Plot

    The issue opens with a showgirl being chased by a pack of goat-like demons, with Flash Thompson narrating the conditions of the Hell that has taken over Las Vegas. After killing one of the demons, Flash attempts to stop the showgirl from running away, but unfortunately she is caught by the demon pack, and subsequently torn apart. While the demons turn to Flash, and he begins to run out of ammunition, he expresses regret for relinquishing his symbiote to Thaddeus Ross a.k.a. Red Hulk.

    The scene then shifts to Red Hulk, who is in possession of both the Spirit of Vengeance and the Symbiote, and is fighting Blackheart. The combined possession generates an interesting personality within the one character.

    The scene then shifts to X-23 at the Centrifuge, where she is giving direction to a struggling Johnny Blaze. She tells him that he must change direction when she says so that she can blow up the passage way. However, Gari Oyle then arrives, injuring X-23 and then turning her claws to copper dust.

    The scene then shifts back to Flash, who is fending off the horde, and expressing regret for what he has said to Betty and his mother. Suddenly, Alejandra arrives in a car, rescuing Thompson. They argue over what is going on, with Alejandra threatening murder in order to have the Spirit of Vengeance returned to her, but Flash forces her to help by putting her at gunpoint.

    Back to Hulk, he attempts to use the Penance Stare on Blackheart, but discovers that it merely strengths him, and is then knocked back by the immense power that the demon now possesses.

    Back to X-23, Gari Oyle is brutalising her, causing grievous injury. Laura attempts to attach some explosives to the gargoyle's back, but is slapped before she can detonate. Gari Oyle then lifts X-23, and bites deep into her neck, almost decapitating her. However, Flash and Alejandra arrive, with Flash shooting at Gari as Alejandra drives. However, she betrays Flash when he points the gun away from her head, knocking him out of the car and leaving him at the mercy of Oyle. We then see a giant Blackheart catching Hulk, and launching him far away. Gari leaves Flash and X-23 to kill Johnny Blaze, but Flash is able to reach his gun to shoot the C-4 on her back, defeating her.

    The scene shifts to Hulk and Blackheart once more, where we see that the latter believes himself triumphant, but Hulk has found H'Elian's Mirror Cauldron, and summons forth Blackheart's Antithesis, which takes the form of a shining, white-blue angelic being. Flash then orders Johnny Blaze to reverse rotation, to suck Hell back down to where it belongs. Blackheart's Antithesis then shines even brighter, engulfing him in a bright light. Las Vegas returns to a somewhat normal state, and we find Hulk in the middle of the street.

    Alejandra orders him to return the Spirit of Vengeance, which then leaves Thaddeus to return to her, who then leaves on her motorcycle, the Ghost Rider once more. Hulk then returns the symbiote to Flash, who is Venom once again. However, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Hellstorm, Beast and Giant-Man arrive, to apprehend Venom. However, Hulk defends him, and Beast suggests they come to a compromise where they ensure the symbiote remains dormant. Captain America then says that they can find a way to help long as he returns his bike.

    Dr. Strange notices that Hellstorm is surprisingly distant. He has noticed that Flash, Laura and Thaddeus each bear an upside-down pentagram, a symbol of Mephisto. We then shift to Mephisto himself, who is now dominant over Blackheart and Gari Oyle. He offers them a new casino to run, and then transports them to a 'family-friendly' casino, where they are handed mops by their new boss. Mephisto looks on, content with his trick.


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    All Your Vengeance Are Belong To Usssss... 0

    HIGHLY Recommended (after you read 13.1, 13.2, 13.3,13.4 and probably even 10-13 for context)This was a fantastic, perfect even, conclusion to the Circle of Four mini-event. The best part, we discover WHY this arc ended up in the Venom series, instead of Hulk (as it was obvious why it wasn't part of X-23 or Ghost Rider). It may have even made a bit of sense as its own mini-series, but likely wouldn't have had as much traction. Implementing the Circle of Four mini-event/arc as part of the "Point"...

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