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    Rebirth Under Fire!


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    If you are a fan of Venom, and you have been waiting for Venom to get his own title, then you need to buy this book, but first you MUST get Amazing Spider-Man 654.1. 'nuff said.


    Post Siege Story arc, the US Government now controls the alien Venom symbiote. Not wanting to waste an excellent weapon, the Venom suit is now a tool of military black ops. The current man inside the suit is Eugene "Flash" Tompson, long time friend and rival of Peter Parker.

    The Story

    The first issue hits the ground running in war torn Nrosvekistan with a massive battle between Elite UN Peacekeeping forces and a bad of ethnic cleansers know as "The Bright", with the battle not going well for the UN.
     Not going well for the UN Peacekeeping troops.
     Not going well for the UN Peacekeeping troops.
    If things aren't bad enough, on the battle field is the is the ever-so-psychotic-killer Jack O'Lantern, who is on a mission to kidnap one of the members of "The Bright", the scientist Dr. Ferid Ekmecic. Unfortunately, Flash Tompson as "Agent Venom" is on the same mission. Also unfortunately, there are civilians along the way that this super-soldier cannot leave in the path of this psycho killer. The battle that follows is epic. I won't present any spoilers, but the mission does not go exactly as planned.
    Afterward, Tompson is returned to base and the symbiotic extracted, and Flash is debriefed. He is questioned about his ability to control the symbiote, and in the discussion he is informed that he  was not the first soldier to become "Agent Venom" and that the last soldier was killed because he lost control.  Returning to Brooklyn, Flash learns the downside of having a secret identity. His girlfriend Betty, angry at Flas
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    h for missing the Veterans Ball,  accuses the recovering alcoholic secret agent of falling off the wagon.  It's not all roses begin a super agent.

    The Good

    Flash Tompson's internal dialogue narrating his patriotism and duty bring you deep into the heart of his character.  Agent Venom unfolds a complex individual, not unlike his hero Spider-man. With the limitation of only being able to wear the Venom symboite 20 times, of not more than 48 hours at a time, this title will roller coater ride to prevent the suit from bonding to Flash and of Flash controlling Venom. Between issue 654.1 of Amazing Spider-man and this first issue of the Venom, Flash has only 17 more bondings with the symbiote, expect that to be a key issue as the title continues.
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    Tony Moore's art is exciting and action filled. You really get a sense of the the gritty chaos of the battlefield.  The details carry the sadism of Jack O'Lantern and his battle with Venom to a level I was not expecting. I was blown away.

    The Bad

    The battle action came at me so fast I occasionally forgot to breath. If you are not a Venom fan, you may consider acts of violence gratuitous.  If you are a Venom fan, strap on your seat belt!


    Verdict - 4.5 out of 5

    As a first issue for a new title for a long standing character, Venom does not disappoint. There are a lot of directions this story can go, and I look forward to seeing where Rick Remender takes us.

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