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    A New Venom & A New #1

    We've seen Flash Thompson as Venom in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and now the government-controlled Venom gets his own series. 

    The Good 

    This is far from your regular Venom series. This isn't the Venom we all know. Like many, I still consider Eddie Brock to be the true Venom but I'm am going to enjoy the heck out of this while it lasts. Flash Thompson is showing us what a good soldier he is and the missions he goes on won't be a simple walk in the park. While we saw his first real mission in Amazing Spider-Man #654.1, this one is less stealthy and with a lot more action, explosions and violence. Not only do we get the new Venom, there's also a pretty insane new Jack O'Lantern. I'm not sure how Spidey would handle him or his methods. 
    Rick Remender goes all out with the action here. Things get intense and we see Flash use the Venom symbiote in ways we haven't seen and it's pretty brilliant.  What can be said about Tony Moore's art that I haven't said in the past? His art has a gritty feel full of detail and combined with the inks and colors it's a very nice visual treat. With all the violence and mayhem here, I couldn't imagine reading this issue with a different artist. 

    The Bad 

    Hopefully everyone read Amazing Spider-Man #654 & 654.1, otherwise it might be a little confusing for new readers. We have the typical secret identity/girl problems as Flash has to figure out a way to go on all these missions and explain his whereabouts to Betty. The new Jack O'Lantern was pretty cool but having such an intense character almost felt a little over the top. A perfect match for this Venom but I shudder to think how other heroes would handle him. Some of Flash's decisions during his mission are fitting for who he is but you would think his handler and superiors would have quite a bit to say about them. 

    The Verdict 

    With Flash's 20 mission limit and this being his third, you can't help but wonder how long his tenure as Venom will last. This mission is by far more intense than what was seen in Amazing Spider-Man #654.1. For those that didn't read that issue or Amazing Spider-Man #654, there may be some confusion if they're not aware of how Flash came into possession of the suit or what his limitations are. The introduction of a new Jack O'Lantern serves to give him a crazy and deadly new foe which begs to be seen again. Rick Remender and Tony Moore do a superb job taking over this new combination of Flash & Venom and while the ending of the issue wasn't a complete cliffhanger, you will want to see what happens next.

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