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Nothing is known about Venna's origin. They are presumably the hereditary ruler of Dark Earth, though they may have taken the throne by force. They died along with all of their subjects, bar Nimraa, when Dark Earth was destroyed by the arrival of light.


Venna was created by JM DeMatteis and Yvel Guichet. They made their first appearance in Trinity of Sin #5.

Major Story Arcs

The Wages of Sin

Venna and their people are brought back into being by a ritual performed by Nimraa. However, Nimraa's work is so well done that Venna and the members of their court are unaware of ever having been dead. They are dismissive of Nimraa and Nimraa's continual insistence of her part in bringing Dark Earth back. They attack Nimraa and break the Redemption Box, endowing the Trinity of Sin with its powers. They are destroyed when the Trinity absorbs the Dark Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Venna is a three-headed being, and each head appears to be its own individual person. They are superhumanly strong.

Weapons and Equipment

Venna carries a large sword with three prongs.


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