Character » Venka appears in 29 issues.

    Venka is the daughter of Kahvi and Rayek from ElfQuest, created by Wendy & Richard Pini.

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    When the Palace flashes and disappears from the material universe in ElfQuest: Hidden Years #4, it does so with a pattern of a cross of light. It is the same pattern that shines above Venka's forehead when confronted with the insurrection of Winnowill's deception. This is a gift that helps Venka to always sense the truth coming from others. It is this virtue that helps Venka to guide all souls whom she encounters.

    Two-Edge is in love with her. While intellectually, Two Edge is superior, he is completely bankrupt in the realm of moral principals ever since witnessing his mother torture his father Smelt to death. But Kahvi simply cannot be fooled. She elicits the most virtuous qualities of Two-Edge while she is together with him. Two-Edge once called Rayek "Mother".

    Kahvi was raised with the Go-Backs a tribe of elves who split from the Wolfriders in order to be closer to the Palace of The High-Ones. Rayek had no part in her upbringing. When Venka became an adult, she became mentored by Rayek and developed some of the useful talents.

    Although she did not kill anyone, her presence was the crucial balancing agent during ElfQuest: Shards, when Rayek was under a trance inside of Grohmul Djun citadel palace.


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