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Review: Vengeance of the Moon Knight #10 2

Moon Knight reflects on his membership in the Secret Avengers while they go about the covert op of saving hostages from Captain Barracuda on oil platform. The Good I continue to be absolutely floored by the amount of detail Ryp is able to pack into a single panel, let alone a whole page. I never thought I'd come across a comics artist who could give Geof Darrow a serious run for his money, but here he is.  I just want to frame every piece, because these c...

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Back on track. 0

After what I felt were a few so-so months, this issue brought  me back 100% to this title. It's basically Moony's rumination's on his place in the Secret Avengers, and whether or not he belongs on the team, and just how the team functions in general. All told, it's a pretty solid piece of business. Ryp, the artist, manages to pack a TON of action onto a page. I'm not a huge fan of how he draws people, but the way he manages to squeeze a ton of stuff and have it all make sense is amazing. Hurwitz...

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Hey Schitzo 0

I've never given Moon Knight a shot before this, and only picked up the comic because of its connections to the Secret Avengers. I was pleasantly surprised at what a fascinating and cool character Moon Knight is. While I never disliked him or called him a Batman rip-off, I just never really gave him the time of day. This issue was great from start to finish and chock full of great action scenes. There's also a fascinating character study to be found here as we find a man torn by internal struggl...

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