Vengeance (Kowalski)

    Character » Vengeance (Kowalski) appears in 26 issues.

    A a former deputy sheriff of New Beulah Police Force who uncovered the Secret of highway 18. He was the first Ghost Rider created after Zadkiel temporarily took over Heaven. Most recently he has been seen in combat with the Secret Avengers.

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    Kowalski would beat up someone for looking bad at him but he changed sometime after. He was disgusted to see victims of the curse of Highway 18 so he started to dig in it's history. The result of his investigation led him to a descendant of the ghosts who haunted the road. The man turned out to be a cannibal when brutally slashed Kowalski's hand and eat it. He was then kidnapped and put in a car but they later crashed at a crossroads. Ghost Rider was involved in the crash and took the cannibal with him to end the curse but Kowalski insisted to arrest him. That moment Ghost Rider was so pissed off that he used the Penance Stare on him. Later Kowalski lost his job, became alcoholic and became obsessed on the Ghost Rider. He lived in a low class apartment dreaming nightmares about the man who destroyed his life with newspapers attached to the walls.


    Vengeance (Kowalski) was created by Jason Aron and Roland Boschi and first appeared in Ghost Rider Vol.3 issue 21 (2008). It is the second person known as Vengeance, the first being Vengeance (Michael Badilino).

    Major Story Arcs

    Becoming Vengeance

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    He contacted Michael Badilino who stole Caretaker's Hellfire gun to purchase it. A servant of Zadkiel accompanied him in the Arabian desert and after a long wait he shot Blaze as soon as he saw him but was knocked out by Ketch. When Heaven's walls fell it rained fire and he was hit, this changed him into the new Vengeance.

    Blackout hired him to serve Zadkiel and destroy Ghost Rider. Kowalski led undead bikers to kill the Gun Nuns, he was dramatically taken down by the brothers Ghost Riders and enslaved by a nun.

    Somehow he managed to escape with the help of the Shadow Council, his flame turned green and joined their version of the Masters of Evil. He used the Pollution Stare on Captain America.

    He used to have a tweezer for a hand, as Vengeance he had a hook that seems changed to a normal hand now.


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