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    A native of Earth-1298

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    A native of Earth-12 98, Vendetta was forced into action when the Sentinels were under the control of the Goblin Queen, scanning every human being in New York, Vendetta managed to rescue one mutant from being terminated by at a Sentinel blockade. He was then attacked and captured by the Sentinel in this rescue attempt, but was rescued from this situation by Firestar. He and Firestar took out more Sentinels on their way to the White House, with Firestar doing most of the actual destroying, where Vendetta exorcised the Goblin Queens influence from President Kelly.

    While the true identity of Vendetta was never revealed it has been speculated that he is either the Deadpool of this reality, which makes sense from his wisecracks, but his powers are quite different, or that from his familiar relationship with Firestar, he may be this reality's Justice


    While Vendetta displayed only startling agility, it may not have been on superhuman levels, just that of a highly trained Athelete. However, the only time Vendetta expressed a superhuman ability was Psionically exorcising Robert Kelly's mind of the Goblin Queen's influence.


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