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Velocity-9 was a drug developed by Vandal Savage. It granted its user with a high that included the ability to travel at superspeed. But these highs came at a severe cost to the user, causing premature aging, exhaustion, red eyes, staring, salivating, and eventually death. It was especially appealing to highly successful young men.

The presence of Velocity 9 on the market severely hurt the drug empire of mobster Nick Bassaglia. He hired Dr. Conrad Bortz to help him synthesize the drug.

Savage was able to convince Bassaglia to form a partnership, planning to use Bassaglia's heroin distribution network to bring Velocity 9 to stockbrokers and lawyers and gain control of Wall Street. Their plan, however, was foiled by the Flash and Dr. Bortz, but not before Flash was robbed of his powers after receiving an injection of the drug. Savage and Bassaglia subsequently disappeared.

Kapitalist Kouriers were hired to round up as many Velocity 9 addicts as they could and bring them back to hospital. However, 90% died of shock before they could be sedated.

Years later, the impurities of Velocity 9 were successfully removed and a formula was created without the worst side affects. Deathstroke supplied some to Inertia, who was looking to gain superspeed after his access to the Speed Force had been stripped away when it was absorbed by Bart Allen, in exchange for his membership in Titans East.

Velocity 10

Something similar in properties and affects to Velocity 9 (dubbed by S.T.A.R. labs Velocity 10) was developed by Vandal Savage, but it had much more damaging affects on people.


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