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    Vegetto is a character from the manga/anime Dragon Ball Z. He is a fusion of Goku and Vegeta using the Potara Earrings.

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    Considered the single most powerful character in Dragon Ball Z, Vegito is the result of the Potara Fusion of Goku and Vegeta. We see Vegito in the late Buu Saga when Goku returns from Other World. Vegito handles Buu with great ease after turning into a Super Saiyan. However, Vegito is extremely cocky, and merely plays with Buu rather than getting to the point and destroying him. At one point Buu manages to turn Vegito into a piece of candy, but Vegito manages to beat Buu up so much while he's a piece of candy, Buu has to change Vegito back to normal. Vegito continues to waste time toying with Buu until Buu manages to absorb the fused Saiyans. Although the fusion is supposed to be permanent, Buu's magical enzymes cause Vegito to un-fuse. Once they are separated, the satisfied Vegeta removes his earring and crushes it in his fist.

    After being outmatched by Fusion Zamasu, Goku and Vegeta fuse using Shin's Potara earings, becoming Vegito. Vegito transforms into Super Saiyan Blue, after which him and Fusion Zamasu engage in an intense battle, with Vegito holding the advantage. As Vegito is about to defeat Fusion Zamasu, who was experiencing trouble with his immortality, he defuses within minutes, rather than the hour time limit mentioned by Gowasu, this was due to the massive amount of energy used by the Fusion.


    Vegito has black hair that lifts upward like Vegeta but with Goku's two bangs and dark eyes. He wears a combination of Goku and Vegeta's standard outfits of which are a blue gi with an orange shirt underneath, a blue sash around the waist, white gloves and white-yellow boots. He also wears potara earrings.


    Vegito has a combination of both Goku and Vegeta's personalities. He has Goku's playful and carefree traits and he has Vegeta's cocky and prideful traits. Vegito is shown to be intelligent as he was able to goad Buu into absorbing him so that he can save his family. Vegito enjoys mocking his opponents.

    In his battle with Fusion Zamasu, he is far more serious than before now that he now knows that his fusion has one hour time limit.


    Kamehameha - Vegito can use the Kamehameha technique.

    Spirit Sword - Vegito creates a sword made of energy using his ki. His spirit sword is very powerful and is able to easily penetrate things. In video games such as Raging Blast and Budokai Tenkaichi 3, he uses the Spirit Sword after dealing some moves to his opponents.

    Final Kamehameha - This is Vegito's most powerful move. Vegito powers up energy and delivers a powerful beam towards his opponent. He used this on Super Buu and Fusion Zamasu.

    Saiyan Shield - Vegito is able to create a shield around his body. His shield is strong enough to be unaffected by Buu's absorption goo.


    Super Saiyan

    Vegito is able to transform into a Super Saiyan. In this form, his hair turns into a golden color and his eyes becomes emerald green. His attire also lights up a bit and he gains a golden aura around him. It is revealed by Old Kai that turning Super Saiyan and then fusing would result in a shortened life span and strain the body due to the vast amount of energy used.

    Super Saiyan Blue

    Vegito has the power to transform into a Super Saiyan Blue because of Goku and Vegeta. When he transforms into this form, his hair becomes blue and his eyes becomes blue as well. He also gains a blue aura around his body. He is known as "Vegito Blue"


    Before Fusing, Old Kai stated that Goku and Vegeta's fusion would not need Super Saiyan in order to defeat Super Buu.

    In the Anime version, Vegito was able to outmatch Super Buu (Who had absorbed Ultimate Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Piccolo) using his base alone. Later he powered up to his maximum, stopping Super Buu's attack, which was stated to have a piece of energy from every planet he's destroyed, with Super Buu commenting that he could have inflicted much more damage on him, had he powered up earlier. As a Super Saiyan, he was able to completely outmatch Super Buu, later even stopping his Vice Shout.

    In the Manga, he is never shown to fight in his base form, rather going Super Saiyan straight away. In this form he effortlessly beat Super Buu, and could have killed him anytime he wanted.

    Video Game Appearances

    Vegito appears in the following video games:

    • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
    • Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2
    • Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
    • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi(All games}
    • DragonBall Z: Budokai 2
    • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
    • Dragon Ball Z: Buu Saga
    • Dragon Ball Heroes
    • Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royal
    • Dragon Ball Xenoverse
    • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


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