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Not much is known about the origin of the man known as Vegas, exept that he was a lone wolf from his early years on, but eventually joined up with a group called the Renegades, a Texas-based team of superhuman criminals. He had almost no family, except a complicated relationship with his estranged sister.


Vegas was created by Karl Kesel and Carmine Di Giandomenico and first appeared in Amazing Fantasy Volume 2 issue 13 (2005).

Major Story Arcs

Parting Ways

When the Renegades found out that Vegas' sister was working on a machine called the Probability Generator, they forced Vegas to take them to were his sister was. Vegas refused to do so and race against the clock started. When both Vegas and the team got to this Generator, a gunfight broke out between Vegas and his former friends. During this fight, the Generator blew up and knocked out Vegas. When he woke up he had gained the ability to draw luck from others. He assumed his sister had been killed and decided to track down and kill the Renegades. He has not been seen since.


Vegas steals luck from others he comes into contact with, he is conscious of this and tries not to use his power as it harms others. He is a skilled gunslinger.


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