Vega System

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    The eternally corrupt Vega planetary system is home for many races like the Okaarians, the Branx, the Citadelians, the Spider Guild, and the Tamaranians. It is also home to Agent Orange and his Orange Lantern Corps.

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    Political History

    Though the Vega system is inhabited by many races, it has been off-limits by law of the Guardians of the Universe. Due to an agreement between the Guardians Larfleeze or Agent Orange, the keeper of the Orange Light of Avarice would be left in peace and agreed to stay within the Vega system as long as the Green Lantern Corps was forbidden to enter.

    Because of this law, many criminals chose to hide there, if they were being chased by Green Lanterns and is why the Vega system is seen as being eternally corrupt regardless of the presence of freedom fighters such as the Omega Men. The Vega system is also home to the Psions, a race of reptilian humanoids evolved through Maltusian experimentation; the Headmen, drastically evolved humans; the fascist empire known as the Citadel; the noble and fierce Tamaraneans; and the monstrous Spider Guild to name a few.

    Recently though, the Controllers attempted to obtain the Orange Light of Avarice to create a Lantern Corps of their own. Since the Controllers are an offshoot of the Guardians, Larfleeze interpreted their attempt as a violation of the agreement set in place ages ago and forced the Guardians and Green Lantern Corps into a confrontation.

    Due to the machinations of the dark Guardian "Scar", the law that restricts access to the Vega system has been lifted, so now any awful things that the Guardians tried to hide in the Vega system are free to leave.

    Natural History

    The star we call Vega (Alpha Lyrae) is about three times the size of Sol, but much brighter and hotter. The area called the "Ring of Life" (or "X'Hal's Crown") seems from a distance to be a murky, almost continuous ring of solid material, much like Saturn's rings, but on a grander scale. As one approaches, it resolves into separate planets, moons, asteroids, and nebulae of smaller particles and dust. Each body has it's own orbit, but generally the ring rotates around Vega as a unit -- the relative positions of each planet changing position over a period of years, with a few exceptions like Rogue. The closest planet to Vega orbits the star in about 12 Earth years while the farthest planet takes about 85 Earth years to complete an orbit.

    Planets of Vega (closest to farthest)

    1. Citadel Homeworld
    2. Culacao
    3. Karna
    4. Hny'xx
    5. New Alliance (formerly the Prison Planet)
    6. Sindromeda
    7. Emana Branx
    8. Tamaran (destroyed)
    9. Rashashoon
    10. ?
    11. ?
    12. ?
    13. Okaara
    14. Voorl
    15. Kuraq
    16. Euphorix
    17. Slagg
    18. Rogue
    19. Dredfahl
    20. Aello
    21. Ogyptu
    22. Changralyn

    Vega as seen from Earth

    Vega is the 5th brightest star in the night sky, with a magnitude of 0.04. Vega is 26 light-years away from Earth. Vega is part of the constellation Lyra (The Lyre). Vega will become Earth's north pole star around 14,000 A.D.

    Other Points of Interest in the Vega System

    • Blue Nebula
    • Madgap Nebula
    • Gordanian Asteroid Mine
    • Tallgrass (moon of Euphorix)
    • Transit (asteroid)
    • Cestos (moon of Emana Branx)
    • Hanasi Robotics Station
    • Tamaran Base (2nd moon of Tamaran)
    • Visaya (2nd moon of Okaara)

    Beyond the Vega System


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