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    Veda is a member of the Order.

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    Magdalena Marie was born to a German father and Mexican mother. In the third grade, Magdalena did a school project on the country of Korea, and her work inspired her to learn Tae Kwon Do and to care about the plight of orphans. Winning Tae Kwon Do championships brought her to the public's attention, and eventually led her to a career in modeling and acting. With her earnings, she created her own charity for orphans, and others soon donated to the fund. She taught Tae Kwon Do to the orphans, and also gained personal assurance from helping them, especially since she could not have children of her own.


    Veda was created by Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson and first appeared in The Order #1 in 2007.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Order

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    Magdalena's success landed her a spot on the team known as the Order, a group of superheroes assigned to protect California as part of Tony Stark's Hero Initiative.  In fact, she has little more interest in being a superhero than she did in her earlier modeling and acting , except as a way to get more publicity and money for her orphan charity fund.

    Magdalena was assigned to the team after previous members were fired for misconduct, and she was given the psionic ability to summon golems via a viral technique developed by Hank Pym.


    Magdalena (Veda) can create golems from any organic substance, and can both control them and see through their eyes. However, this closeness also means that she feels physical pain if her golems are destroyed. She can also fly, and is a champion martial artist and a skilled stuntwoman.

    Known Relatives: Unknown
    Citzenship: American
    Marital Status:Single
    Occupation: Super-hero, philanthropist; Formerly actress, model


    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 139

    Height: 5'10 
    Hair: Black


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