Vector of U-Foes

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Being a Hulk fan I also like his enemies. I was reading on this guy to see how he has developed and realised how powerful he is. Check this out:

As posted from Wikipedia:

Vector has the power to telekinetically attract, block, and, most prominently, repel matter and energy, directing it away from himself. He can use this power in a variety of ways: repelling inanimate objects to send them flying through the air as deadly missiles; releasing a concentrated blast of energy to strike his foes; and even using the power on the ground to allow himself to fly.

Enormously powerful, as, by focusing his power into blasts, he was even capable of flaying most of the Hulk's skin and muscle tissue from his body when the latter resisted,[3] and repelled the structure of reality itself within the 'Crossroads' nexus, with force he claimed was sufficient to hurl entire worlds,[4] but his power can be resisted by sufficiently powerful foes, such as the Hulk, who twice managed to bull through Vector's repulsion to physically attack him. He is also capable of flight.

Vector was once shown to be able to block and repel the attempts of various superheroes and friends of the Hulk to locate Gamma Base, including the magic of Doctor Strange and the tracking technology of Iron Man and Reed Richards.

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Yeah I read the one where he flayed Hulk's body fromhis bones and sinews when it came out. Cool powers

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You'd think with powers like that he'd be more prominent than he is. Classic example of villain potential squandered by writers.

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